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#80 Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing™ with Dr Doug Lehrer. Prague Workshop 8th to 11th June.

#80 Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing™ with Dr Doug Lehrer. Prague Workshop 8th to 11th June.

Dr Doug Lehrer is teaching in Prague 8th to 11th June!

Welcome, dear and cherished listeners, to a world of love and compassion, where we explore the infinite power of the heart to heal and transform our lives. In this episode, we are blessed to have with us a truly loving pioneer in the field of heart-centered healing, Dr. Doug Lehrer.

Dr. Lehrer's work is grounded in the profound understanding that love is the most potent force for healing in the universe, and that the heart has the power to transform not only our physical bodies but also our relationships, our communities, and our world. Through his deep commitment to love, Dr. Lehrer has shown that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and others, simply by connecting with the limitless wellspring of love within our hearts.

In this podcast, we'll be diving deeply into the world of heart-centered healing, and exploring how it can be used to create a world filled with love, joy, and harmony. We'll be sharing inspiring stories of love and transformation, exploring the latest research, and offering practical tools and techniques for tapping into the transformative power of the heart.

So whether you're seeking to heal yourself, deepen your relationships, or create a more loving world, we invite you to join us on this journey of love and compassion with Dr. Doug Lehrer. So take a deep breath, feel the love that surrounds you, and allow yourself to be uplifted and transformed by the healing power of the heart.

Dr Doug Lehrer is teaching his workshop 8th - 11th June at Prague.

Come and join us for this incredible transformative journey Soul to cell healing!


Watch the video here!

Dr. Doug Lehrer is an Internationally known Doctor, Author, Speaker and Facilitator of Turning On the Body's Own Natural Healing Process and Generating Dynamic Physical, Mental and Emotional Health, Well-Being and Oneness Consciousness... Dr. Doug, as his clients fondly call him, is BEST known helping children, women and men to restore their body's natural healing functions allowing them to take charge of their health, body, mind and soul. This is accomplished via Energetic Medicine, Quantum Medicine -- Quorum Super-healing Nutrition and Consciousness Transformation Processes.

Dr. Doug Lehrer and his team are specialists in optimizing whole body health by identifying and correcting the cause of each person's specific issues -- turning on the healing functions of the brain and nervous system, which control every system, organ, gland, hormone, stem cell, joint, ligament and muscle of the body -- all the way down to the core cellular, DNA (genetic) and energetic levels. By addressing the causes and the safe and effective removing of toxins and energy blockages -- and learning how not to interfere with the natural healing process, clients are amazed at their ability to heal their bodies and take charge of their body shape, emotions and health consciousness -- even most conditions that doctors tell their patients they can never get better from.

Dr. Lehrer discovered the keys that unlock health, healing, weight loss, youth and longevity years ago after suffering injuries to his back, neck, shoulder and wrist, with diagnoses of herniated and fragmented discs, spinal cord compression and severe sciatic, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome ALONG with manic-depression, hypoglycemia (blood sugar issues), ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and migraine headaches - Dr. Doug was determined to get 100% WELL after so many alternative health practitioners and medical doctors told him he'd have to live with it, and recommended drugs, surgeries and continued (chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and other) treatments that were only symptom relief-based.

As Dr. Doug discovered and worked through each the causes of his physical and emotional issues, his body and mind began to improve, heal completely and feel great! Since then, Dr. Doug has helped thousands of people from around the world to do the same.

The success of Dr. Doug's work is to treat the causes: Trauma, Toxicity and Negative Stress (suppressed feelings, thoughts, beliefs) that get stuck in the subconscious memory which over-ride healing, rejuvenation and restoration of functional health and weight loss. Today, science in the fields of biology, genetics and healing now recognize how all disease and lack in life are initially created by the self. When we take responsibility for our own health and healing the power to CHANGE our body and HEAL our lives becomes apparent -- and "The Science of Miracles" becomes an everyday reality.

When Dr. Doug's clients learn how to turn on their own healing centers they optimize functional health and wellness -- thus experiencing greater youth, beauty, longevity, happiness and joy, and a greater sense of wholeness and well-being.

Kateřina Love - Zlatá Transformace
Zlatá Transformace
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